Circular supply chain economy – april 2021 news

News April from ADACI, Eit RawMaterials e Metalshub.

Link to documents and informations for support your professional activities and think about new strategic models of supply chain business.

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ADACI (Dr. Alberto Claudio Tremolada)

1- Electric battery sharing a new startup idea for boost market of electric vehicle but need adopt the same platform for all brand vehicles maker

It’s also an idea for make modular platform in your business for standardization and resilience of supply chain:

2- Itkam-Camera di Commercio Italiana per la Germania realizes from 4 to 6 May 2021 in collaboration with Adaci, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWi), a digital event of internationalization and business opportunities in the nautical sector.

Reserved smart opportunity for scouting and evaluation supply partner:


Eit RawMaterials (Dr. Pierluigi Franceschini)

1- We are glad di announce the launch of the innovative course Junior Expert in Circular Economy, course that will train young Europeans as spcialised technicians to facilitate innovation and foster the green transition:

2- Our call for projects in Innovation and Education is out now:


Metalshub (Dr. Roberto Almuktash e Dr. Sallustio Fusco)

1- Framework Digitali: come iniziare un cammino digitale nell’ambito Circularity —> learnings/case studies di Metalshub
Articoli di sostegno:

2- Workshop tecnico (da prenotare) focalizzato su 1 tipo di materiale a ‘puntata’ —> Puntata 1: Nickel 
Articolo di sostegno: clicca qui